Hiren Shah

Hiren Shah is the Founder of Vertoz - Martech & Adtech Global Business Group. He is a true marketing and business development visionary with over 23 years of experience in the web services industry. He is also considered a highly influential person in India’s digital advertising sector. He carries a wealth of knowledge and expertise in building and motivating high-performance teams. He along with his brother, Ashish Shah founded Vertoz with a motive to help businesses ease their digital journey, and thanks to his charismatic and dynamic personality, he has been able to win hearts and influence others in positions of authority, not just in India, across borders too. He has been building strategic partnerships and business relationships, has good government outreach, and has been guiding other senior leaders on the business and policy fronts. Hiren and Ashish are responsible for the growth of Vertoz. They are among the few leaders to introduce programmatic advertising in the Indian ad tech sector. They have taken Vertoz from being a team of just 8 employees in its initial days to a massive 150 employee company. He has also helped the brand scale global heights. Under his guidance, Vertoz has reached the point of commanding the honor of being the only publicly listed programmatic advertising company in India. His vision has helped Vertoz win various awards, like Brands of India, YourStory, DIGIXX, and many more. Apart from being an outstanding decision-maker, he possesses deep knowledge and passion for new technologies that he is keen to spread ahead. This has led him to be one of the prominent members of the Board of Studies at NMIMS. Besides this, he is also a member of JITO and an Angel Investor as he helps other startups and founders in their endeavor. He also holds the ability to maneuver the company through complex market situations and to leverage and cash in on the numerous opportunities brought by India’s digital transformation. A tech enthusiast, Hiren is responsible for the external matters of Vertoz, along with building partnerships and broader business relationships. His strong experience in developing and implementing strategic plans for the company makes him one of the chief architects behind the success of Vertoz. His endless contribution and efforts have also made him the honorable receiver of ICON awards 2020-21 by The Economic Times. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, Hiren is also an adventure sports fan and a gadget freak who loves to travel and spend most of his time with his family when he is not working.