Hitesh Dharmdasani

Hitesh Dharmdasani is CTO, AnexGATE and Founder and CEO, NetSense CyberSecurity Pvt Ltd. He manages comprehensive security architectures for diverse clients in India. Managing nationwide operations from Belgaum, Karnataka, he oversees both on-premises and cloud offerings. Formerly a security researcher at FireEye in the US, Dharmdasani excelled in Android malware reverse engineering and developing mechanisms for malicious app identification. Returning to India in 2015, he founded Informant Networks, now NetSense CyberSecurity to address network security challenges. Dharmdasani holds an MS in information security from George Mason University and a bachelor’s in computer science from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology. An active member of CESR, he passionately explores the nexus of computer security, cybercrime economics, and machine learning.