Imaan Javan

Imaan Javan, Director of Operations, Asia Pacific at Suntuity, was born and raised in Mumbai. After completing her Junior College from the city’s premier institute Sophia College, she successfully pursued a Bachelors in Life Sciences from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. She further enhanced her academic understanding with a Diploma in Forensic Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Imaan joined GeoPeak Energy as a Business Developer in Mumbai, sharpening her understanding of not just the industry but also the changing demand patterns of the world. Imaan then worked closely with Mumbai Police as a Forensic Scientist, helping them on an array of hugely interesting cases regarding forensic evidence handling. In 2011, Imaan started Suntuity REI, which marked the beginning of a long and instrumental association. Suntuity is one of the fastest growing companies in the world that develops, finances, builds, owns and operates best-in-class residential, commercial and utility-scale renewable energy solutions around the world. Imaan managed different departments such as Business Development, Project management and Operations which gave her a 360-degree understanding of the world of sustainable energy. She gradually climbed the ladder to her present position of Director of Operations – Asia Pacific. Imaan sincerely believes that renewable energy is the future of the world. In the light of depleting non-renewable resources, increased carbon footprints and negative environmental impact, she has been leading Suntuity’s operations with strong belief in the work that the company is doing for the world. Under her, Suntuity has worked with over 100 clients, partners and affiliates across a multitude of industries such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure, public safety, disaster relief, telecom, real estate and media. With her leadership, Imaan has led Suntuity to become one of the top brands in the Asia Pacific region. Having garnered ample experience, Imaan felt the need to go back to the classroom to widen her worldview. Which is when she went to the prestigious Cardiff University, and completed her Masters in Business Administration in 2017. She is now an enriched professional, who has had her robust work experience amply supported by one of the best management programs in the world. Imaan has a vision for Suntuity REI to join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies and works every day in that direction. She takes inspiration from her mother, who always taught her to take challenges head-on and keep her calm while doing so. Imaan believes in equal opportunities and ensures it is followed by her team and the organization. When not working, Imaan loves to engage in adventure sports, trekking and scuba diving.