Ishpreet Singh

Ishpreet Singh Gandhi, the visionary behind Stride Ventures and StrideOne has a profound passion for the vibrant startup ecosystem. He is always keen to connect with ambitious entrepreneurs and empower their transformative ideas daily. Under his leadership, Stride is re-imagining financial solutions for startups to truly empower the enterprising ambitions of India, by enabling inclusive and exponential growth in the startup ecosystem. Stride has emerged as a founder-friendly financial institution sanctioning over INR 5000 Cr to new-age businesses in India. By seamlessly aligning its offerings with the unique needs of founders, Stride has become the go-to partner for budding businesses. Back in 2015, when the startup landscape in India was at a nascent stage, as a banker Ishpreet pioneered the first-ever debt solutions for startups in India. In 2018, Ishpreet founded Stride Ventures, leaving his secure job to drive the penetration of Venture Debt as a founder-friendly alternative to equity. Under Ishpreet's leadership, Stride Ventures has nurtured an exceptional team that has achieved tremendous success, solidifying the firm's position as the most active and trusted lender for startups. The fund boasts a well-diversified portfolio of 100+ companies across various sectors. It has demonstrated industry-leading returns with best-in-class asset quality and a portfolio of market leaders. The firm has consecutively received multiple prestigious awards including the Venture Debt Fund of the Year, for spearheading alternative funding in India. In 2021, Ishpreet astutely observed the shifting dynamics of the ecosystem, perceiving the demand for refined and customised financial solutions for the entire startup value chain. This pivotal realisation marked the birth of StrideOne, a dynamic and innovative platform that swiftly responds to the evolving banking needs of entrepreneurs. It caters to the vast demand for tailor-made short-term solutions for growth-stage businesses and MSMEs. Enabling the democratisation of credit across sectors, the platform has achieved tremendous growth in the first year of operations, disbursing more than INR 1500 Cr to over 5000+ borrowers. StrideOne delivers an end-to-end digital lending experience to all stakeholders in the startup ecosystem, utilising tech-enabled underwriting to achieve this goal. The annual editions of industry-first reports like The Venture Debt Report and the Startup Economy Report are a testament to Stride's resolve to enhance the startup ecosystem. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and a pioneering spirit, Stride remains firmly positioned at the forefront, delivering groundbreaking solutions that fuel the soaring growth of Indian startups.