Jacob Cherian

Jacob Cherian is the Director of Engagement at Jhatkaa.org and the Founder-Director at TerreGeneration.com. At Jhatkaa.org it is his responsibility to ensure that citizens go beyond online activism and engage with democracy on-ground. At TerreGeneration.com he creates content and events committed to impact. His work gained attention initially by making clean-ups, tree-planting drives fun, fashionable and scalable. In 24 months this content strategist rallied over 5000 volunteers to plant over 10,000 trees, and clean up over 50 sites across 10 cities, filling over 250 trucks (approx 375,000 kgs) with misplaced waste. The Hindu newspaper named him as one of India’s 5 most active environmentalists of 2020, and Verve magazine named him as one of the 6 trend-setting Indians in the environment & health space in 2018.