Jatin Ahuja

Jatin Ahuja is the founder and managing director of Big Boy Toyz, one of the most popular and standalone exotic luxury car brand in the country comprising an inventory of the world’s most revered automobile manufacturer brands. A truly self-made man, he started his entrepreneurial journey during his teenage years and is one of the few people who through sheer hard work, has acquired the rare pleasure of turning his passion into his profession. Academically, Jatin is a mechanical engineer and holds an MBA degree from Delhi University. But from a young age, he realised that his passion lay elsewhere. As a 17-year-old undergraduate, he repaired and refurbished a Mercedes Benz S-Class, a fine quality execution that fetched a substantial profit in the market! Having identified his true love for cars, Jatin steadfastly concentrated on this idea that was to occupy his mind for the rest of his life. After years of painstaking travel, negotiations and efforts, he established Magus Cars Ltd in 2009 and from there onwards the brand Big Boy Toyz was born. Jatin’s passion for cars and entrepreneurial vision has helped Big Boy Toyz emerge as one of the top brands in the country for high-end, exotic cars .