Jesal Doshi

Mr. Jesal Doshi is the Deputy CEO B Medical Systems Luxembourg. Jesal Doshi takes a vision and brings it to life through a meticulously crafted strategy. He identifies early opportunities and by inspiring his teams to think holistically, he ensures that these opportunities are converted into actions. He also believes in storytelling that inspires action and is a Tedx speaker. He is passionate about climate change and about helping save lives by providing solutions in the remotest areas. Mr. Jesal Doshi, Deputy CEO of B Medical Systems, a global medical refrigeration device manufacturer, possesses a wealth of knowledge in private equity, economic insights, and corporate strategy. Since joining the company in 2015, Mr. Doshi has developed and implemented several initiatives that have transformed B Medical Systems from a regional/niche player to one of the most innovative companies in the medical refrigeration industry. Mr. Doshi was instrumental in the strategic geographic expansion of B Medical Systems into the United States and has launched several initiatives to extend the company’s reach into new markets and customer segments, thereby contributing significantly to the growth of B Medical Systems. Before joining B Medical Systems, Mr. Jesal Doshi has worked in private equity managing investments exceeding $300M. He moved from private equity to B Medical Systems, with a vision to save lives and have a lasting impact. He has also been on the boards of several companies in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, and the US. He has lived and worked across India, South East Asia, Europe, and the US Mr. Doshi holds an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur, India, and has a Bachelors in Engineering (B.E) in Electronics from the University of Mumbai, India. He speaks English, Hindi, French, Gujarati and Marathi.