Jesus Lall

Jesus Lall is the Chairman of Universal Education. Mr. Jesus LaII joined Universal Education in 2001 and helms the organization as Chairman since 2003. He is an acknowledged leader in the education fraternity and features in the who is who of the Indian education world having won numerous awards over the years. He is a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Educational Institute of India; a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Educational Management; and a former Educational Personality of the Year. Mr. LalI is best known for his pioneering transformation ideas in education (concepts like day-boarding and iPads in classrooms), his outstanding commitment to public policy, and his exemplary dedication to charities like the Terry Fox Foundation. His stewardship of a community of 40,000+ current students and 4,000+ current employees is as remarkable as his charismatic personality, wonderful oratory and arrestive conversational intelligence. Only a handful of educationists in India have been able to scale their ventures as much and as fast as him. And if you remove those with roots in politics and/or dirty money, Jesus LalI probably stands alone.