Jitin Bhatia

Passionate about technology and building brands, Jitin Bhatia, 40, has become the proud founder of Explurger, India’s very own new-age social media platform for the global audience. Jitin, a business leader, always aspired to give Indians a global platform where they can share their stories, connect with people, show off the miles they have travelled or make a travelogue on the go. To fulfil this dream, he built Explurger. However, Explurger is not his first effort to serve his country through technology. Back in 1998, Jitin wrote his first program to help Delhi Police with its FIR system. Later in 2000, after graduating from Delhi University, Jitin started working as a full-time Software Developer. In the following years, he got the opportunity to develop systems for the Ministry of Rural Development, National Crime Report Bureau, and delivered several e-commerce projects to international clients. In 2004, he diversified and founded Globule Consulting, a headhunting firm for executive roles in the IT field. In 2006, Jitin entered the private equity market and hedge fund space. He handled mergers, acquisitions, and investment for companies in India, the US, South Africa, and more, diversifying financial portfolios of his clients.