Kabir Siddiq

Mr. Kabir Siddiq is Founder & CEO of "SleepyCat‟, India‟s only box mattress company. A graduate from the Indiana University, USA, with a double major in Economics and Telecommunications, Kabir started his career in Investment Banking in Mumbai. However, after 5 years, he was drawn towards entrepreneurship and he joined his family business which was related to the furniture industry, mainly large projects hotel and office furniture. During the same period, he won the distributorship account for traditional mattresses in Eastern India. This gave him a window into the numerous steps involved from manufacturing the mattress to the moment it reaches the customer. The customer, he realised, was often confused by the variety and ended up buying mattresses that they hated. Kabir started „SleepyCat‟ in the year 2017, with a vision to reduce the hassles of buying a mattress. “Innovative, Fun & Simple” were the key words of SleepyCat - The Mattress in a Box. He extensively researched the process of mattress manufacturing and consumer behaviour before delving into manufacturing SleepyCat. SleepyCat debuted on Amazon Launchpad in August 2017, as a trial to test the market and sold over 30 mattresses just in its first week. Apart from being a passionate entrepreneur and retailer, he is also fond of sports such golf, football, swimming, running etc. and loves travelling.