Dipen Roy

8 years long into the episodes of having words pouring out of my skin. It started as a hobby, developed into a passion, and now affording me the title of a professional. From e-commercial, medical, legal, financial spheres, to fashion and edutech, I have produced and edited blogs, articles, scripts, newsletters, case studies, whitepapers, business plans, brochures, and ebooks to best convey the perspective of the marketers.

If there is anything that inspirits me off the limits, after language and history, it is the new generation of marketers. I believe they are the reason why businesses around the world have changed for good. Their truly 'experimentative' disposition in establishing a brand in the 21st century is brilliant and awe-inspiring. Therefore, it is my privilege to have worked with this breed of marketers, and I would like to continue embarking on this journey of assisting them achieve their ambitious business and marketing objects.

Reach me at: kafkaesque.roy@gmail.com