Kapture CRM

CRM Software

Kapture Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is a consolidated software solution built to be adaptable for various Business Types and Industries. Powered by Adjetter Media Network Pvt Ltd, Kapture CRM offers online software tools and services that are fully cloud-enabled and ready to be integrated with Business Systems.

In a bid to cater to diverse Industries, Kapture has developed dedicated platforms including FMCG CRM for Distribution Companies, Hotel CRM for the Hospitality Industry, Travel CRM for tour operators, Sales Tracking Software and Mobile CRM Software for Sales Processes. Kapture offers Centralised Dashboards for all Operations Including Payments, Reporting, and Analytics. Kapture’s Customer Profiling Solution provides 360-degree data-driven understanding of your Customers. Our highlight solutions include AI-backed Intelligent Insights and Automation in almost every sphere.

Kapture CRM’s unique offerings for the Airlines and Cruise Industry make it stand out from the seemingly endless pool of CRM Software Solutions available in the Market.

But our innovations don’t end here. Kapture Live Chat System’s machine-learning capable plug n’ play interface will bring you so much closer to your customers through fast resolutions.

Visit our Website for our entire suite of services that cater to Small, Medium, as well as Large-Sized Enterprises. Kapture CRM’s mobile-first approach to Business Automation is very much future-ready and fully-customizable in the truest sense of the word.