Karanvir Singh

Karanvir Singh is the Founder and CEO of Pariksha, India’s largest vernacular EdTech company, which is solving the massive challenge of accessibility and affordability of outcome-based education for the mobile 1st internet users of Bharat. Karanvir Singh is an Alumnus of Symbiosis University and holds a degree in Management, Law & IR, he is also a Fellow at Startup Leadership Programme. He believes that both education and technology are great enablers, they empower people and eradicate inequalities. The idea of Pariksha was born out of the personal experience of the founders, Karanvir Singh along with his other co-founders Utkarsh Bagri, Vikram Singh, and Deepak Chaudhary launched Pariksha in 2015. Under his leadership, the brand has been able to attract investment from some marquee investors. The company serves around 5M users and has launched operations across 16 states and in 8 different languages. As the CEO of the company Karanvir Singh has set a clear vision and mission for the company, he envisions Pariksha to become the world's largest EdTech company while democratizing equal access to opportunities. His mission is to make affordable, outcome-based education available to all.