Khushhal Kaushik

Khushhal Kaushik, CEO & founder of Lisianthus Tech is the First Indian to be featured by UNESCO's annuals magazine for his cybersecurity research and authority in the global cybersecurity domain. He is currently engaged in executing on his vision of bringing India to the global podium for Cybersecurity specialty. He has extensive experience in the IT sector with a consistent track record in developing and supporting successful projects and contracts in both the corporate and government sector. Have has been invited by the northwestern university Chicago for a cybersecurity talk and also invited by the Punjab University Chandigarh. Khushhal recognizes as the future of the cybersecurity in India by Samuel Bocetta, a retired Defence analyst for the US Navy and specializes in diplomacy and national security, and he has been awarded by the government of AP. And cybersecurity advisor of BRICS CCI.