Kumar Gaurav

An engineer and serial entrepreneur who is among ‘Hundred most influential people in the world’ on Blockchain technology. Kumar has been awarded the prestigious O1 Visa Status by the government of USA, a rare recognition awarded only to individuals with domain-specific extraordinary skills or have received internationally recognized award, such as the Nobel Prize. With his massive expertise on one of the most transformative digital asset transaction technologies in the world, Auxesis & Cashaa founded by Kumar have become world’s Top 100 blockchain companies. After completing his graduation in Computer Science from Amity University. Kumar went on to pursue his post-graduation in Management from Politecnico di Milano. His extensive technological expertise helped him to bag an opportunity to design computer systems for iconic automobile manufacturer Ferrari. During his time in Italy, he also co-founded Darwinsurance, the first Italian peer-to-peer insurance platform backed by AIG which was acquired by Esedra. Kumar journey in the Blockchain space started after he read the Bitcoin Whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2013, which later became the basis of his future endeavours. He was awestruck with the potential of this technology. Being a new technology he first trained himself to build a system which can benefit the masses. With a mission to educate people about blockchain, he made 50+ appearances as a speaker at parliaments, various government forums and conferences and became one of the most influential blockchain personalities in the world. His vision led to the foundation of Auxesis Group in 2014. Over the years Auxesis has pushed Blockchain innovation in partnership with governments and top fortunes companies across the globe. Auxesis group has designed a Blockchain network called Auxledger which has emerged as the world’s largest blockchain technology based network with a user base of 53 Million people and working with likes of IBM & HPE. Kumar founded Cashaa in 2016, which has been instrumental in expanding the horizons of blockchain implementation into Fintech industry. Cashaa digital wallet challenges legacy banking and gave people control over their money and bringing the cost savings of Blockchain innovation to the masses. Cashaa turned out to be a revolution which was supported by 50,000+ people in its ICO raising over 33 Million USD, in few weeks. With Cashaa, he working on conceptualizing a ‘better banking’ platform that aims to serve the ‘next-generation billions’ who are either dissatisfied, or entirely missing from the existing financial system. Listed among the Top 20 blockchain companies in the world, Cashaa offers a one-stop destination for its users to transact in national fiat money as well as cryptocurrencies and carry out a comprehensive range of financial transactions, from shopping to investments and salary deposits, at significantly lower costs and better turnaround times. In due course, Kumar envisions Cashaa as the most preferred platform for global audiences looking to understand, and implement blockchain technology in their daily lives to enjoy its numerous benefits. Soon to be launched across 200 countries, Cashaa has introduced a brand new model for executing day-to-day as well as exclusive financial transactions such as currency exchanges at highly affordable costs and superlative efficiency, while ensuring the complete security that is a hallmark of blockchain. Kumar regularly features in the editorial board of global blockchain media and is a much sought-after international speaker on emerging technologies, having held talks in prestigious institutions such as IIT Mumbai, British Auditorium and the European Parliament. His position as a global authority on the concept of blockchain has been recognized time and time again, most recently by being nominated as one of the World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future.