Kushang Kumar

Mr. Kushang Kumar is the founder and CEO of Supplynote, one of the fastest and most disruptive supply chain technology startup in India. He is responsible to manage the growth roadmap for the company and also strategize its operations and functioning, firmly ascending towards the aim of automating the supply chain procedures in the restaurant industry and making them more profitable on the backbone of technology. With a Master’s Degree in IT from IIT Kanpur and an MBA, Kushang embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 by establishing Adcurp by Adcount Technologies, a web and mobile enabled platform for restaurants to transact across multiple verticals from a verified vendor base on a daily basis. His association with restaurant businesses let him gain experience and identify gaps in the functioning. Over the period he realized that the current model alone cannot address all the requirements of restaurant outlets. He identified the scope the businesses have that can actually help them scale at a faster pace. The major challenge these businesses faced were in the supply chain itself. It could be faster, transparent and simpler if digitized the right way. This was enough inspiration for Kushang to explore a new startup model that would address the gaps rightly.