Lakshitaa Khanna

Lakshitaa Khanna is India’s first female water sommelier artist. She has also designed a brand of mineral water - Bodh, which is set to be an authentic representation of her quest. Through her extensive travels across the globe, Lakshitaa has had the privilege to study and taste the water in different parts of the world; while also developing an in-depth understanding of the subtle nuances in flavour that each region, PH Value, mineral, and more have to offer. Learning from her rendezvous with water experts around the world, Lakshitaa has taken up the responsibility to share her knowledge of this concealed art form through her work. Ms Lakshitaa Khanna is also an artist par excellence. Her art is an embodiment of bold patterns, colours, strokes, and emotionally charged moods. She truly symbolizes the new Indian woman, driven by the passion for the very best.