Lakshmi Prabhala

Ms Lakshmi is the Founder of LMO. With a mission to help local merchants and set an example for all aspiring women that a housewife can be an entrepreneur, Ms Lakshmi founded LMO. Covid-19 was the trigger to starting the company. A large number of merchants were forced to shut the doors of their earnings because of the ongoing pandemic which made Ms Lakshmi realize how important it is for merchants to move online. Many platforms help merchants to move online, but one thing that they lack is that their services need technical knowledge, money, and skills that are very less likely to find in local merchants. Thus, LMO was born! Ms Lakshmi strongly believes that instead of being a leader that leads or rules, one must be the leader that guides or supports their people, and a teammate relationship is always better than a boss and employee relationship. To take LMO to every single door of PAN India so that local merchants can stand firmly against corporate giants is Ms Lakshmi’s vision, thus contributing to "Vocal For Local".