Laksh Yadav

Laksh Yadav is the Chief Executive Officer of Cocoberry. Driven by the passion to bring change in the food retail industry, Laksh Yadav is a 25-year-old highly enthusiastic, aspiring business entrepreneur who has taken on the reins of Cocoberry, India’s first, largest and most premium frozen yogurt brand. Laksh is not only in the food retail industry to reap benefits but also to show the world how business is conducted with his innovative ideas, made with minimal investment, allowing the brand to achieve the title of ‘lowest Capex and lowest operating cost frozen yogurt operator across the globe’.  Even before completing his education, Laksh has ventured into learning about the various nitty-gritties of the business world by being an early-stage investor and entrepreneur since 2013. Prior to taking on the management position at Cocoberry, he co-founded Sunshine Group of Companies as well as Sunshine Agro Overseas, where he took up the role of the Director and of the Strategic Advisor to help grow the business. In addition to his investing efforts, Laksh has also been active with several non-profit organisations, doing his bit for the society that he is keen to serve with his many ventures. 
Laksh has completed his education from the best institutes in Delhi-NCR, earning his Bachelors of Commerce degree from Delhi University and finishing his schooling from Army Public School, Noida.