Lavinn Rajpal

Lavinn Rajpal is the Co-founder & Managing Director, Merge Infinity Global. With an aptitude for finance, business strategy, and operational management, Lavinn Rajpal ventured into digital marketing in 2013 when he co-founded the network consultancy firm, Merge Infinity Global and its first alliance Chimp&z Inc, a digital-first advertising agency, after pursuing a Master's degree from Mumbai University. He also co-founded a production house called Griffin Pictures Worldwide with his vast knowledge from advanced courses in Cinematography and Photography. Lavinn is the man behind the organizations’ robust business module and now handles the performance, finance, and tech teams. He continued to venture into the digital space by setting up an ROI-driven digital agency called Yellophant Digital, a performance marketing firm called Saber Tooth, an AI & Machine Learning-driven SEO analysis tool called Search Munky, all under the network company, Merge Infinity Global. Chimp&z Inc, under the leadership of Lavinn, possesses the credentials to compete in the International market after 8 years of fortifying a 360-degree agency in the Indian market and with multiple accomplishments across various segments and verticals. Juggling between Mumbai and New York, Lavinn has taken a lead on the expansion operation for the North American businesses. As the Managing Director and a globetrotter, he has been actively involved in all the decision-making, while considering the organization’s goals and performance. It’s no wonder then that Chimp&z Inc showcases a diverse book of clients, based out of the Philippines, Middle East, UK, America and Malaysia, from a range of sectors, including BFSI, Government, Entertainment, Beauty, Gaming and Pharmaceuticals.