Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues

Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues is the Co-founder of Bennet & Bernard Group. Deep water navigation, 50 feet waves and pirate encounter talks, soon saw Lindsay pursue the challenge and the water striding went on for 12 years before new dreams were born. Lindsay has been affiliated with commercial cargo vessels, FPSO & Passenger ships since 2003. Joining as a cadet, he has carried several roles and responsibilities in his marine career, working with prominent names of Nortrands Shipping & Carnival Cruise Line and Chowgule Pvt Ltd. Lindsay owns and oversees the responsibility of quality, structural integrity, supervision of all sites beginning from excavation to raising structures, interior finishing, till the client receives the keys. His speed of execution and decision making has seen the villas being delivered in great time commitment. He remains the most hands-on person for the businesses. Lindsay too has multiple interests. He loves working with wood. He is a also a keen automotive and bike enthusiast and loves to indulge in interior designing and soccer ( FCB ).