Manish Dureja

Mr. Manish Dureja, an industry expert with over 20 years of experience, joined Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd as the Head of Frequent Flyer Programme & Relationship Marketing in 1999. As the Managing Director of the programme, now InterMiles, he has been at the helm of affairs, spearheading initiatives. In his role, he has overseen the remarkable growth of the company, which has established itself as India’s leading loyalty and rewards management company. He brings in-depth business knowledge and unrivalled marketing expertise across cross-functional verticals to the table. As the Managing Director & CEO, Manish is responsible to implement an aggressive growth plan to drive higher member engagement and ROI for all stakeholders. After graduating from University of Pune with an MBA in Marketing in 1996, Manish went on to begin his career in the direct marketing and advertising industry as a Business Development and Account Manager for Direxions. His knowledge and interest in travel drove him to join Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd in 1999 and since then he has been passionately spearheading various customer initiatives. Mr. Dureja has not only managed to keep to programme and its member/partner interest safe & secure, he has also been successful in granting assurance and maintaining a positive imagery for the brand through various crisis points across the year. Manish is an active member of many professional societies and is a thought leader on marketing, loyalty programme design and development, strategic planning, airline revenue management and CRM. He has extensive practical, hands-on experience working in the USA, Canada and India. A technology aficionado at heart, data and innovation lies at the core of Manish’s work ethos, who in his own words, wishes to ‘use data as a fuel to drive actionable insights and build simple solutions to hack profitable growth in all businesses in order to support our partner’s individual objectives of loyalty’.