Milan Ganatra

Milan Ganatra is the Founder and CEO at 1Silver Bullet and an advisory board member at Finalyca. A prominent name in the wealth management and investor community, Milan Ganatra brings with him over two decades of experience in the sphere of financial services. Miles Software, a path- breaking organisation in the fin-tech space is the brainchild of this serial entrepreneur and investor. As a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder at Miles Software, he established the company in 1999, predicting the need for a wealth application/program that can provide tech-based solutions, flexibility, track-ability, and an accurate reporting of investments, to both wealth managers as well as the consumers. His primary vision is to make wealth management easy with user-friendly tools. He embarked on his journey by channeling technology to build a personal financial software, later transforming it into a portfolio management platform. He is even known as the driver of lending and custody technologies. A first-generation entrepreneur, Milan’s visionary leadership coupled with his eye for new opportunities brought to him the first-mover advantage in the industry. His deep domain knowledge in technological solutions when mixed with the wealth management space, played a crucial role in getting his company recognised by the IBS Intelligence as the number one private banking solution provider in the global market for four years in a row. With an array of disruptive ideas up his sleeve, Milan partnered with tech giants such as Intel to provide pre-installed software for a user’s computer, making the product stand out and attract a customer base of over 400 thousand users. Hailing from a humble background, Milan knew from a very young age that there was no alternative to hard-work. Even as a child he was self-reliant and eager to walk the extra mile to support himself and his family. In his teens, he delivered newspapers to households and used the earnings to fund his education. Milan’s first introduction to technology occurred while he was pursuing his Commerce degree at Jai Hind College, Mumbai. He was quick to realise the immense potential of combining technology with finance in an era when such tools were still at a nascent stage. As a proactive decision-maker, Milan took the opportunity to leverage the emerging techniques in the field at the time, laying the rock-solid foundation of his business. Milan has played a pivotal role in introducing revolutionary automated and digitized tools such as Robo advisory in the purview of investment management. Milan has extensive knowledge in key business areas such as product development, operation technology, sales and marketing; simultaneously enabling Miles Software to emerge as a global leader in the wealth and asset management space. EbixCash Financial Technologies business acumen has helped in taking his corporate vision into strategic intent, establishing him as a thought leader in the financial services industry. A driving force in the industry, Milan curated a product that makes fund management seamless, and a preferred tool not only for professionals but also for the average user who comes from varying walks of life. He has successfully defined and implemented a strong vision for making it the best choice for leading lending, wealth and portfolio management providers worldwide. His As an individual, he stands tall on the idea that life is a beautiful journey wherein one should focus on consistent growth, gaining experiences and learning new fields. Even after two decades, Milan believes that irrespective of the rising competition, there is immense scope for fintech growth. With a solution-oriented mind, he is interested in finding like-minded partners with whom he can invest in ventures within the sphere of fintech. His investments in Financepeer and Finalyca post his exit from Miles Software is a sheer example of the same. His eagerness to explore urged him to invest and form a disruptive fintech platform - 1Silver Bullet, which provides gateway infrastructure for a range of tech-based avenues such as Edutech, Agritech, Insurance, Travel tech among others. In addition, Milan is a member of the Advocacy & Knowledge Management Committee for the Indian Institute of Alternative Investments funds. As a dedicated professional, he is always keen on welcoming creative ideas, investing in new projects and offering innovative solutions