Misaal Turakhia

Misaal Turakhia, Chief Product Officer at StepSetGo is a true believer of cherishing the highs and surviving the lows, Misaal Turakhia always pictured himself as working on cutting edge technology, aspiring to reach and help millions of people. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from NMIMS, he pursued a Master’s degree in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Leicester. Post completing his education, he took an unexpected step to move back to India to explore the potential in the Indian Tech industry and went on to lead teams at multiple software companies by contributing to their growth. Right from his boarding school days, sports have always been Misaal’s interest and source of fitness. As soon as he saw an opportunity to create a brand that reflected his passion for both fitness and technology, he jumped on to the idea and joined hands with Shivjeet Ghatge and Abhay Pai, to conceptualise StepSetGo. With a strong technology background and his interest in gaming, coding, and alternate reality, Misaal handles the technical aspects of the product, design, and app development at StepSetGo. Inspired by his parents and their passion for building a business from scratch with no financial support, added an edge to Misaal’s entrepreneurship journey. He swears by the learnings acquired from his dad’s business acumen which makes him a great business manager. His mother's passionate approach towards people management has made him an inspiring leader at StepSetGo. Misaal is an avid reader who draws inspiration from the works of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Peter Thiel. He believes in staying updated with information which makes him track trends at every given opportunity. Misaal is an exceptional orator and has been a speaker at the IIT Techfest 2019. Being a well-read and well-traveled individual, he is fascinated towards speaking at events and meet-ups that come his way. A travel enthusiast, he embarked on a 45-day cross-country road trip in the United States in 2017, where he and his brother drove from the East coast to the West coast. This experience gave him a tour of various life perspectives which he otherwise would have never had. They say, “Travel makes a wise man better”, this truly stands true for Misaal. When not at work, you can find him taking long walks and catching up with his friends, watching sports (football and cricket), gaming or taking coding challenges, and learning about different technology.