Mohammad Imthiaz

Mohammad Imthiaz is the CEO and Co-founder of RAAHO, an on-demand intercity trucking marketplace connecting shippers to carriers nationwide. As the core visionary of the revolutionary freight solution provider, he spearheads all the operations of the company and nurtures vital brand partnerships and developments. An MBA graduate from the Institute of Management Studies (IMT), Ghaziabad, Imthiaz is an accomplished corporate leader who was once associated with Bharti Airtel as the Head of Value Added Services/Data Business in India and led marketing and sales for 6+ years. He also worked with United Spirits Limited as a Senior Brand Manager. With 25+ years of experience in online to offline commerce brands, Imthiaz founded and became the CEO of Y2CF Digital Media (Hoppr). Following Hoppr’s acquisition by Hike Messenger, India, Imthiaz was keen to start a new venture with his friends and colleagues in the grocery space. An insatiable curiosity for understanding the industry’s stock produce and other ambits made him realise the dire need to fix the broken processes of middle-mile freight management. This was when Imthiaz and his business partners conceptualised RAAHO with a vision of building an automated future for the Indian trucking sector. When not planning to transform Indian trucking into a revolutionary freight corridor, Imtiaz often plays a philanthropic role in advising companies in various areas of team building, product sales, marketing, funding, etc.