Mohit Gulati

Mohit Gulati is the Founder of Altius Ventures. He confesses to be ill-equipped by 'degrees' with no formal MBA or education in Investing/Venture Capitalism. He's a self taught investor who's come a long way from being just another engineering graduate.He started his career at age 19 and stayed along with listed equity markets until 24. Post that he co-founded Oliphans Capital; where he spearheaded first round cheques and helped build marquee co's such as ECom Express,,, Hugefly Tech, Wigzo Tech, TarusaWorld etc. ​​Mohit is a Startup Builder/Serial investor, Full-time CVO(Chief vigilant Officer) for his portfolio co's and enjoys diving(CMAS), reading and writing his mind out on anything under the sun. He can be reached at [email protected]