Nishant Arora

Nishant Arora is the Director and Co-founder at Setup Services India. Nishant began working in finance even before graduating with a bachelor's degree in commerce from the University of Delhi in 2016. He started his career as an Articled Trainee in an accounting firm in 2013 and was later promoted to Senior Associate, where he remained until 2017. He worked on Statutory Audits of leading companies in the housing and real estate, consumer goods manufacturing, engineering, heavy equipment manufacture, textile, automobile, hotel, entertainment, and banking industries throughout his time with the accounting company. Special CAG audits for governmental SPVs were also conducted on a pan-India basis. He led audit engagement teams on yearly and bi-annual engagements, designed annual audit plans, oversaw process walk-throughs of business controls, and created auditors reports, financial statements, and board of director presentations during this time. He also worked on Direct Taxation, which included profiling the same portfolio of industries to finalise financial accounts and structure them according to ethical financial planning guidelines. Indirect taxation engagements involve SWOT analyses of firms to determine a course of action for GST implementation that is efficient and successful. A semi-qualified Chartered Accountant, who has cleared the CPT and IPCE in first attempts, is pursuing ACCA from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, focusing on polishing abilities by combining hands-on experience with educational qualification (ACCA Global). During the pandemic, he regularly updated his skills by pursuing MOOC: Revolutionary Ideas: Utility, Justice, Equality, Freedom from the University of Pennsylvania, and MOOC: Financial Markets from Yale University. He has been an independent management consultant to dominant dealers and manufacturers in Delhi-NCR since 2017 and continued to do so till June 2020. He assisted companies in preparing for NSE Emerge IPOs. Again, a new zone in the financial sector where, for the first time, on a real-world basis, MSMEs were given a taste of public issues by the government. He worked on Corporate Restructuring of family-owned firms, and Business Intelligence to experiment with new methods/approaches for analysing business KPIs and implementing a detailed data-driven approach. After working in the financial advisory/consultancy industry for more than seven years, he founded Setup Services India (SSI) to avoid standard chartered accountancy jobs. He saw no brand in the financial advisory industry that guaranteed quality services to the general public. Not every startup can or wants to hire a huge accounting firm because they are expensive to hire, but they also lack the flexibility that a startup may wish to. As a result, SSI was founded as a pure management consulting firm with advisors, facilitators, and problem solvers to help SMEs, young entrepreneurs, salaried employees/professionals, foreign investors, and business owners overcome their challenges. SSI was founded to assist them by making it easier to do business in India. Its goal is to become an extensive KPO in the B2B arena and provide various solutions to the new India. SSI, his brainchild, is a Fintech service that uses advanced data metrics and new methods to handle finances professionally.