Nishchal Dua

Nishchal Dua is the Director of Marketing at Airmeet - a one of its kind virtual event hosting platform, offering a unique experience to its users through its authentic representation of on-ground events virtually. The platform is designed to allow community managers to conduct frequent micro-interactions between knowledge professionals, industry stakeholders and thought leaders. As a seasoned marketing professional & entrepreneur, Nishchal has founded & exited two successful start-ups, Amicus Shopping Assistant (acq’2016) and The Remote Life (acq’2020). His remote work company, ‘The Remote Life’ hosts The Remote Work Summit, the largest online conference on remote work, organized annually with a global audience of 16,000+ entrepreneurs, HRs & CEOs along with speakers from Microsoft, Facebook, BCG, Intel, Shopify, GitHub, WordPress, Trello, Evernote and more. Nishchal believes that telling great stories is the best way to market good products. Fuelling this passion towards storytelling, Nishchal loves to travel and is a true advocate of the remote work culture and an ardent promoter of a location independent lifestyle. At Airmeet, his key role and responsibilities include building Airmeet into a globally recognized brand known for the it’s comprehensive & scalable virtual events platform. Nishchal takes care of 360^ marketing including Digital, Content & Product Marketing to ensure community growth, engagement & happiness. Nishchal has also been actively involved in mentoring & consulting early-mid stage technology startups with a portfolio that spans from silicon valley to India, Hong Kong & beyond.