Nitin Jain

Nitin's risk taking ability and desire to follow his passion, let him to quit his job from the post of Associate Vice President at Copal Amba (A Moody’s Analytics company), Gurgaon where he had a close to decade experience in the field of Investment Banking and pursue his entrepreneurial journey in 2015. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 33 years, he is now visionary and executor of InCube Accelerator, a company he is the founder where he sensitized students towards Job Creators rather than Job Seekers. Since startups drive economic growth, create employment and foster a culture of innovation in a nation so he decided to encourage students and to provide them with an opportunity of experiencing the entrepreneurial journey of creating their own niche. So far he has touched more than 100 students towards startups. He is also a co-founder of the "Ludhiana Start-up Association". Nitin have this habit of learning from observing others, how they do things, what they are doing better than us.