Pranjal Singhal

I am a freelancer Cyber Security Researcher turned digital marketer. I have taken part in multiple Bug Bounty programs and got acknowledgment by them. Till date, I worked for 15+ Top IT giants including Google, Twitter, Adobe, Microsoft, etc. and these companies acknowledged me for my work. Some companies offered me a monetary reward too for my work.

I have a keen interested in working as a trainer for short term training programs.

Besides that, blogging and educational video making 📸 is my hobby. Apart from that, I am managing an offline business of female apparels.

I am very well interested to work as a freelancer for your upcoming projects. I am the guy to drive 600% ROAS for one of my client. So, let’s do something big together.

Currently, I am working on my bog section @

Apart from this, I am also creating E-books to educate people about cyber security and Digital Marketing.

My main motto is to keep myself busy in some productive work from which I can gain satisfactory output🔥🔥.

Feel FREE to visit @ for educational stuff 📙