Om Malviya

Om Malviya is the Founder & President at Tezos India Foundation – a non-profit organization that enables people and entities in India to use the Tezos blockchain. He is someone who is extremely bullish about the future of Bitcoin, Decentralised Finance, FinTech, Tezos and decentralization (powered by blockchain). Om was born in a small town named Sadri in Rajasthan. He completed his B. Tech. in Information Technology from Delhi Technological University, and has previously founded ‘ItsBlockchain’ – one of India's biggest crypto and blockchain media platforms. He has also published a research paper in IEEE journal about Bitcoin scalability solutions, and has been a Draper Fellow from the prestigious Draper University, California. Back in his college years in 2015, Om’s elder brother -- who is an entrepreneur and engineer by profession -- told him to check out bitcoin and blockchain technology. Ever since, there was no looking back! Over the next few years, Om researched, delved deep and gained invaluable hands-on experience into this space. He then started the portal - Itsblockchain with the aim to educate people about bitcoin and blockchain tech, as at that time no other media/platform existed where people could learn about the technology and latest developments in crypto and blockchain space. A few years later, Om was wanting to switch from the media space to more tech-centric product based domain. With that in mind, he attended Draper University in 2018, where he eventually met his cofounder Bernd Oostrum. Both Om and Bernd were die-hard Tezos fans, and hence they started building actively on Tezos with multiple experimentations and innovations. Over the years, they have built have built,, and several other Tezos tools. One of the products created by the duo -- Tezsure is dedicated towards building DeFi instruments and tools for onboarding masses onto the Tezos blockchain. Despite facing initial challenges like lack of adoption of Web3, Crypto and Tezos itself, Om firmly believed that Tezos is bound to grow significantly in the years to come. And eventually, he was proved right! The space grew as well as the users and hence Om and his co-founder were able to find their perfect product-market fit. In 2019, Om added another feather to his cap by founding Tezos India with the objective to create a well-rounded Tezos Ecosystem in the country. As the Founder and President of Tezos India, Om’s work encompasses, but is not limited to, defining budget, hiring for key roles, defining strategy, streamlining internal organizational processes and using his network to get business development leads to onboard startups, companies, and other organizations to Tezos.