Pankaj Pawan

Pankaj Pawan is the Co-founder & CEO of Maximl. He was also the CO-Founder and CTO at MeTripping, an intelligent travel search engine that helped consumers make the hard decisions by making sense of the world's data. Prior to that, he was with Goldman Sachs as a Quant Associate where he garnered extensive experience in Machine Learning and Statistical Modelling. His most cherished memory was working in C++ Compiler Optimizations in a multi-threaded environment and as a researcher at INRIA, France, and authoring a Technical Paper “Compiler testing via a theory of sound optimizations in the C11/C++11 memory model“ published in PLDI, Seattle. He also authored a Technical Paper “Digital Shutdown: Leveraging new-age technologies to become Industry 4.0 ready” presented at IOCL Pipeline Division Technical Seminar 2018 that showcased his deep knowledge and expertise in the space. While getting his Dual Degree - Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, he was led the software development in the GPS module for the nano-satellite launched by IIT Kanpur and has designed highly distributed architecture to handle big data systems.