pradyut hande

A SaaS Growth Marketer, Digital Marketing Strategist, Mobile Growth Expert, Guest Speaker, Podcaster, and Author, I currently spearhead Product Marketing at one of the leading marketing automation companies in Asia; Netcore Solutions. I endeavor to help B2C brands across the USA, Southeast Asia, Africa, and India, deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences at scale; powered by analytics, automation, and AI.

I also host Asia's first-ever martech-centric podcast where I pick the brains of leading growth mavericks, marketing mavens, and product champions on all things user engagement, retention, experience, and personalization. In April, 2015, I published and released my first book - Add to Cart! - a work of academic research on the B2B and B2C e-commerce industries in India. The same has gone on to sell 2,000+ copies across Europe and India.

When I'm not brainstorming over the next major martech idea, I spend my time travelling extensively, being an Influencer on YouTube and Instagram, and engaging in meaningful conversations with incredible people over great Coffee and Craft Beer!