Prajwal Sabnis

Dr. Prajwal Sabnis co-founded Orxa Energies in 2015 and conceived its flagship product –The Mantis, a zero-emission electric performance motorcycle. He has been the architect behind building and developing innovative products at Orxa. His areas of interest lie in Electric Mobility Systems, Materials Modelling, Numerical Mechanics, and Energy systems. Dr. Prajwal comes with 14 years of academic research and industrial experience. Prior to founding Orxa, he led a technology team enabling development of new competencies and the undertaking of industry-university collaborative research projects. He has worked in various engineering and management roles in fields such as Static and Dynamic structural simulations, Material modelling, Product development, and Project Management in Aerospace, Electric Mobility and Battery Technology domains. Prajwal holds a PhD degree in Material Mechanics from MINES ParisTech, Master of Science in Computational Mechanics from University of Stuttgart and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from SMVIT, Bangalore. He has also published several technical papers.