Praveen Jaiswal

Praveen Jaiswal is the Founder & Director of Vehere. Inspired by the massive transformations in the cyber and national security landscape and the need for building solutions for secure cyberspace in the country, Praveen co-founded Vehere in 2006 to create holistic solutions that mitigate the real-time challenges of network telemetry data. Over the last decade, his work has enabled the company to deliver Cyber Situational Awareness solutions for diverse industries, including a Fortune 500 Bank and apex cyber-security regulatory organizations, globally. Praveen spearheads Vehere’s Business Development and encourages innovation and research within everyday business ethics and processes. He is actively engaged in building the company’s dominance in the field of Communication and Cyber Intelligence with a strong focus on expanding the brand in terms of technology and geography. He has been instrumental in building a flat organization model and enabling work culture that empowers each employee to innovate and contribute to its growth. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavor, Praveen worked with General Electric in their Risk Management Division as Business Analyst and focused on advanced statistical modelling and risk assessment. He has been an integral part of the research programs of National Council of Applied Economic Research on Pricing Model & IT implementation. Praveen holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Xavier’s College and a Master’s degree from Delhi School of Economics. He is also a member of the FICCI - Committee on Homeland Security and has been honored with the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award from SMIT. Besides his passion for next-generation cybersecurity technologies, Praveen is an avid traveler and loves exploring new cuisines from across the world.