Prerna Goel

Prerna Goel, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at WhizCo, is a young and spirited individual with an entrepreneurial mindset. She co-founded WhizCo along with Aastha Goel and Keshav Jindal in a bid to redefine the digital marketing space in the country, which has conventionally relied on the modus operandi of uploading content across different social media boards. A DU graduate and MBA by education, it was her penchant for new-age technology that persuaded her to disrupt the marketing and influencer engagement ecosystem. Before the inception of the brand, Prerna began her tryst with the world of social/digital media by managing a few Instagram communities, which resulted in several promotion offers coming their way. With multiple inbound queries flowing in, she realized the need of moving a notch up to launch a full-fledged digital marketing hub and thus joined hands with some like-minded people to come up with WhizCo. Her philosophy in life is to pursue any endeavour that brings happiness in life and believes in extending a helping hand to those who are less privileged. If she gets a chance in future, she would like to do something exceptional to make a considerable difference in their lives. Prior to finding WhizCo, Prerna worked with Oyo Rooms as a Brand Manager.