Priyanka Salot

Priyanka Salot is an entrepreneur and Co-founder of The Sleep Company, a leading premium comfort innovation firm. With more than a decade’s experience in the area of consumer durables, she has been the driving force behind The Sleep Company’s focus on bringing research-based innovation in sleep and comfort products. Supported by an exceptional team and under Priyanka’s dynamic leadership, The Sleep Company today holds the patent for the SmartGRID mattress; a revolutionary comfort product. A driven and committed leader, she was instrumental in the company’s journey from its inception to years of research and development to its present position as an innovator and leader in the comfort technology space in Asia. A first-generation entrepreneur, Priyanka is an alumnus of IIM-Calcutta and graduated in the top 5% of her class. Immediately after completing her MBA, she went on to join JP Morgan for a brief stint as an analyst. She then moved to Frost & Sullivan, where she worked as a healthcare consultant for a year providing strategic recommendations to top Healthcare companies on market entry into the ASEAN region. It wasn’t until Priyanka joined Procter & Gamble, where she finally settled into her own, spending 8 years leading the company’s $350 Million Fabric Care business for the country. She led a successful Pampers campaign against Mamy Poko pants across the Asian region. It was also at P&G where she developed her passion for working in the consumer durables industry. Priyanka’s motivation to strike out on her own came after she became a mother. Finding it difficult to sleep at night, she found that it was very often her sleeping arrangements, particularly the mattress which proved to be uncomfortable. To her dismay, there were no solutions to be found since the Indian mattress industry was miles behind international markets like the US, Europe, or Japan. This started her quest to understand sleep science. She found out that the Indian mattress market, which had last seen innovation more than 6 decades ago, was ready for a revolutionary product. She later partnered with Dr. Tripathi, who had formerly worked with DRDO, to develop the patented SmartGRID mattress which is based on a super stretchy smart polymer. This revolutionary product was the result of months of trials with thousands of materials. The company has successfully applied for a patent for SmartGRID in India and is in the process of getting patents in other markets. With The Sleep Company, Priyanka hopes to disrupt the stagnant comfort solutions market not just in India but in the Asian continent as a whole, introducing a novel technology that encompasses an individual’s every perch and relaxation need. Priyanka is an avid reader and loves reading memoirs of business leaders, such as Steve Jobs and Sam Walton. She loves to travel and try new experiences