Priyesh Shah

Co-Founder of is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner by qualification. He did his Masters in Commerce and worked as a Chief Financial Planner in ‘Sykes & Ray Equities’ before starting his own Financial Planning Practice. He saw that every family in India has a part of their portfolio invested in physical gold and silver. While he used to follow Goal based Comprehensive Financial Planning principles and allocating resources to achieve one’s financial goals, he realized that what if it was easy to buy bullion [Gold/Silver] in its physical form, the same way one could buy Stocks & Mutual Funds Online. Later he collaborated with his college colleague Pankaj Jain & his other Co-founder Rakesh Jain who had worked in Infosys & TCS respectively on the technical side and were also on a lookout to build an e-commerce platform based on their knowledge and experience.