Punit Gupta

Mr. Punit Gupta, Founder & CEO of EasyEcom. Punit Gupta has around two decades of professional experience. He started his journey by working as a Research Consultant with MiraLab in Geneva, Switzerland and then moved onto working for Endeavor Telecom as Head of Engineering for over 6 years. In 2009, he became the Founder of Compare Broker.com. Then in 2012, he became the Co-Founder of The TradeStreet, a platform developed for active stock traders to network and exchange trading ideas. Mr. Punit is extremely curious about management solutions for various industries and thus founded EasyEcom where he has been catering to enterprise clients like Borosil, Mondelez, Wonderchef, Swiss Military, MamaEarth, Wow etc along with acquiring clients in new markets such as US, UK, Middle East, South Africa, and Australia too. Under his leadership, EasyEcom has witnessed 50% year-on-year growth in revenues and has successfully raised growth capital.