Punit Vithalani

Well-known digital marketing and web development specialist, Punit Vithalani has decided to start a training program for a small-medium entrepreneur with live project management. The training will give them a complete guide on digital marketing, which is an essential part of their business. The training will include important courses such as lead generation, social media marketing social media management, Google Ads, campaign setup, website auditing, SEO, and more.

The expert professional has an experience of more than 5 years in the field of digital marketing. He has been working with a diverse group of clients, representing top brands. He has brought them tremendous success in their business with his hard-earned expertise. With his well-researched strategies, anyone can improve their marketing campaign and optimize their return on investment.

Punit Vithalani is a renowned web developer and digital market expert who hails from Ahmedabad, India. With the web being the most integral part of the world of business, he utilizes his proficiency to give companies dominance over it. He has been catering to the digital marketing and web development-related needs of his clients for years. To know about his services in detail, visit him at www.digitalpunit.com.