Pushkar Limaye

Driven by the zeal to position India as one of the world’s leading tech-solution providers across industries, Pushkar Limaye founded Carnot Tech in 2015. As Chief Engineering for his team at the Formula Student Race, Pushkar tumbled upon the existing gap in the automobile visibility industry. Solving this key problem with a simple, tech-enabled device is how Carnot Tech came into being. A chance tryst with the agriculture industry further pushed him to pivot to the agri-tech industry and the rest is history. With a substantial investment from Mahindra and Mahindra, Carnot Tech with Pushkar at the helm is now one of India’s leading AI-enabled Agri IoT platforms. Co-founder and CTO at Carnot Tech, Pushkar Limaye is an alumnus of IIT Bombay. He is passionate about technology and building products. His vision is to transform the way the agriculture industry operates in developing nations and is determined to solve the intersections of artificial intelligence and sustainable farm technologies.