Rajat Johar

Rajat Johar is the Country Head for Skootr Global Pvt. Ltd. In his role, he is responsible to grow the business and drive expansion into multiple markets. With an experience of over 24 years in real estate, Rajat is amongst one of the most respected professionals in the realty domain and is considered a trusted advisor and partner to various multinational and Indian corporates. He has had an excellent exposure working with clients across industries and asset classes, assisting them with their realty strategies, ensuring optimal and acquainted decisions. Prior to joining Skootr, Rajat was the Senior Executive Director, Head Busines Operations and Flexible Workspace Solutions at CBRE, India. During his 14 plus years at CBRE, Rajat has been in various leadership positions. Through his vast career, Rajat has been involved in varied fields such as manufacturing, hospitality, banking and real estate with an extensive experience in managing relationships and businesses from corporate companies.