Rajesh Singla

Rajesh Singla is a Market Veteran and has experience of 15+ years working in the field of Private Equity, stock markets, angel investments and startups. Rajesh Singla started Planify in Feb 2019, where he is actively involved in asset and wealth management and has over 5 yrs. of expertise in managing capital pools of various angel investors. As part of Planify, he has delivered 250+ exclusive opportunities for investors and has 31+ successful exits providing 250% - 2,000% returns.• Overall, Planify-backed investment opportunities produce annual returns of more than 50%. On an investment of just Rs. 10 Lakhs across 31 Companies (~ Total investment of 3.1 Cr.), investors have made approx ~ Rs. 17 Cr., which signifies Absolute Returns of close to 450% & CAGR of 117.61%. Regarding his professional background, he holds an engineering degree and has held leadership roles in distinguished multinational corporations such as Amazon, Accenture, Vdopia, and Snapdeal. His expertise lies in the development of cutting-edge large-scale technological products during his tenure with these organisations.