Rajinder Balaraman

Rajinder Balaraman is a Director with Matrix Partners India, an investment firm with USD 1 billion under management (approx..). Matrix Partners India invests across seed, early and early growth stages of businesses in Technology–related sectors. Rajinder’s current investments with Matrix Partners India include Ola, OfBusiness, Loadshare, Oye! Rickshaw and Park+. He strongly believes that the Indian digital opportunity has just begun, and that the next decade will see nearly a hundred Unicorns being created out of India. Having worked with fantastic founders and business leaders over the last decade at Matrix, Unilever and Booz, Rajinder recognises the hard work it takes to build a company and likes getting into the nuts and bolts of org building, raising capital and launching new products/ businesses. In addition to his operating experience, he brings humility and intuition to support founders in turning their vision into reality.