Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal

Mr Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal is an Indian Internet Entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of the SaaS Ecommerce Platform StoreHippo. Kumar is an industry veteran and highly skilled technologist with 20+ years of strong experience in Internet Technologies and E-Commerce. He is a results-oriented person with a remarkable capacity for innovation that has prompted path-breaking changes in the E-commerce software industry. Rajiv founded StoreHippo in 2014 with the vision to build a global SaaS product based out of India. With customers in 20+ countries and 35+ business verticals, StoreHippo is now a global brand and industry leader in D2C, B2B and B2C Ecommerce. Prior to founding StoreHippo, Rajiv worked as CEO of Manusis Technologies and was instrumental in several technology products including GDGT, ClassPass, DesignByHumans, RCRDLBL. During his career, Rajiv has held technology leadership roles in multiple global technology companies including Oracle, E*Trade, STMicroelectronics, HCL to name a few. Apart from work, Rajiv enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading about new technologies and doing Yoga.