Randhir Kumar

Randhir Kumar is the Founder and Chief Mentor of BasicFirst. He plays a key role in implementing technology in education tutoring and test preparation. His experience in the industry has helped him to analyse the dominant qualities among students and understand the concepts of the curriculum which has in the process helped the students score good ranks in competitive exams and board examinations. With over 23 years of work experience in the education industry, Randhir has been a consultant to start-ups and a mentor for the stakeholders in the education industry. Before founding BasicFirst, Randhir was a Director and Mentor of India-based Pen4future, an education company founded by a group of IIT and IIM Alumni. He was also the mentor of a series of educational institutes and has been instrumental in shaping the career of more than 40,000 students both from the Engineering and Medical streams. In the last 21 years, he has conducted over 600 counselling sessions for 15,000 parents and has helped more than 3000 students in reaching IIT’s.