Rathinamurthy R

After 13 years of navigating the IT corridors and working in the trenches, Rathina finally took the plunge to become a startup co- founder with Crio.Do which provides students and young professionals keen on pursuing a career in the software and product development sector a robust platform to “learn by doing.” One thing that became clear to Rathina while working at startups and talking to friends & colleagues in the industry is the serious lack of really good software product developers and managers. While students and young professionals bemoan the lack of good opportunities, recruiters and founders complain about not finding software product developers who actually knew what they were supposed to do! This talent gap paved the way for Crio.Do. Founded in 2018, under Rathina’s supervision, Crio.Do provides specialized learning environments for young professionals and final year engineering students to be the best software product developers in the country. For companies looking to hire the best in the field, Crio.Do is the place to find young go getters who will hit the ground running on Day 1. Rathina’s and Crio.Do’s motto is “learn by doing” and they exemplify it everyday.