Rhitiman Majumder

Rhitiman Majumder is one of the three co-founders of Pickrr, an end to end SAAS based logistics solution, which was established in August 2015. Rhitiman is responsible for all the business activities at Pickrr, from strategizing the on-boarding and retention of clients, to strategic alliances with other businesses and investor relationships. Rhitiman along with Ankit Kaushik and Guarav Mangla make a unique team of business, tech and operations expertise. He met the two at iRunway, an intellectual property firm, and became good friends. Their friendship took a defining turn when they decided to start Pickrr. Currently, Gaurav Mangla is working as Chief Technology Officer and Ankit Kaushik is the Chief Operating Officer to the company. Rhitiman was born in Delhi, India and graduated in B.Tech, Electronics and Communication from the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. From there, he moved on to do his MBA degree from the Indian School of Business in 2015. Even though Rhitiman had just completed his MBA from the Indian School of Business before he entered into the venture, he had already spent four years as a technology consultant for US-based venture capitalists, Fortune 500 companies by guiding them to invest in Intellectual Property assets. This experience helped him understand the mindset of VCs and higher management associates of tech firms. He then moved to Stayzilla, an Indian homestay network, to handle their end-to-end operations. Working so closely with founding members, gave Rhitiman an experience of setting up and evangelizing a business. His business strategy & analytical skills then helped him help this business plan grow into a successful venture. Under his leadership, Pickrr has transformed into an AI-based operation model. For many large-scale and SMEs, it has now become a holistic solution to their logistics needs. The technology team at Pickrr has built a technology called Calcula which provides smart courier recommendations. This machine learning based algorithm ensures each order is assigned to the best courier partner based on 20+ proprietary logistics features that have evolved through continuous evaluation and assessment. Thus, reducing the delivery time and ensuring there are is no hassle in the due process.