Rhushikesh Dadhe

Rhushikesh Dadhe is the author and publisher of the books Accidentally Educated, and The Purpose. Pen named as R. V. Dadhe, the ingenious author, published his first book at the age of 21. A market researcher by day and a novelist by night, Dadhe is a full-time storyteller and a freelance publishing consultant for aspiring authors. Dadhe earned his B.Tech. in Industrial Engineering from Pune University. He found his love for writing and travelling during these formative years, when he voyaged to many countries around the globe. He is fond of travelling to unknown destinations and can be spotted on a random bus/train with his laptop and headphones, working on his novels and blogs. When not writing, he can be found on a couch watching cricket. He was among the 25 scholars from India to get selected for the OIN Student Exchange Program during graduation. Accidentally Educated, his recent book, is based on the experience of the exchange semester in Canada where he comprehended the importance of financial know-how in daily life. Penned in a light-hearted and humorous way, this book is a must-read for all young adults. Dadhe believes that it is a privilege to have freedom to live your life as you want, and one must earn it. He understands the importance of education and technology in one’s life and runs his very own NGO called 'Pune Student’s Initiate of Helping Hands' to help children and many others who don’t have enough means and easy access to these facilities. He is a strong proponent of education for learning, not just earning. He hopes to inspire people to pursue their passion. Pampered by an over-caring mother, guided by a spiritual father, and supported by an elder brother, Dadhe lives in Pune with his family. He is a hard-core Punekar, and a German language enthusiast with various certifications from Goethe Institute in Pune.