Rishabh Mehta

Product and revenue focused entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in creating and leading successful brands in the education & training sector, Rishabh Mehta is the founder and C.E.O of What After College, one of the fastest growing education startups in India. An alumnus of the prestigious Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering along with an MBA from Symbiosis, Rishabh has worked with many education companies as a consultant and business adviser accelerating their growth to new heights during his duration. Prior his latest venture What After College, Rishabh has been responsible for leading Kyrion technologies, one of the leading companies in the training domain.With What After College, Rishabh is focused on creating the best ecosystem for colleges, brands and students to connect and mutually benefit each other in the process. Being a travel junkie, Rishabh loves taking long drives, visiting and exploring new places. He feels passionately towards providing education to the under-privileged children and spreading cyber security awareness among masses. Web: www.whataftercollege.com